Top Diaper Bags

Top 5 Diaper Bags for Twins

Top 5 Diaper Bags for Twins

1.Skip Hop Duo Double Diaper Bag

One of the best diaper bags for two kids

The Skip Hop Duo Double Diaper Bag designed for use with twins or two children in diapers, with places (fifteen pockets) to keep items for the two children separate. It is also made to fit behind many double side-by-side strollers.

The bag is massive, with loads of room for both babies’ stuff as well as yours. It converts into a relatively comfortable messenger bag that though fairly wide is not too bulky looking. More at


Attaches to any double (side-by-side) stroller with patented shuttle clips-either leave the shoulder strap attached or remove it for a cleaner look
Wear with messenger strap or as a tote
Magnetic closures throughout-main compartment zips shut
Cushioned changing pad

Extraordinarily durable poly-canvas construction – this bag will last for years

2.OiOi Floral Jacquard 6040 Diaper Bag – Discontinued

One of the best large diaper bags for two you can find
So often, the choice of celebrities this designer diaper bag by OiOi is great for multiples. The OiOi Floral Jacquard 6040 Diaper Bag is an elegant bag that while it does not look like a conventional diaper bag, has unique features that make it an excellent choice of parents of multiples.

The bag has plenty of room for all of necessities of parents with twins or with more than on child in diapers. The OiOi Baby is a sturdy, durable canvas tote with double straps and a platform, footed bottom to ensure that the bag won’t collapse when you set it down.


Water and stain-resistant woven jacquard fabric
One main compartment with mesh and organizer pockets
Two front insulated pockets
Deep back pocket with magnetic closure
Acacia nylon lining and accessories

3.Vera Bradley Baby Bag

Feminine and cute diaper bag for twins
For all the moms who love Vera Bradley’s designs, the Vera Bradley Baby Bag is a beautiful extra large diaper bag, which can work when you have more than one kid in diapers.

This designer diaper bag is not only very chic but is well laid out, with enough pockets and compartments to make the organization of your little ones things accessible.

Smaller than the other bags on this page, it should be big enough for most. Made of cotton, the bag and the terry-covered changing pad with coordinating trim are not waterproof, however, they are machine washable.


12″ strap drop
11 pockets inside and out, including a full zippered back
Lined interior for easy cleaning
Includes a 26″ x 14″ terry-covered changing pad
Measures: 16″ x 11″ x 5″ – 12″ strap drop, 26″ x 14″ changing pad

4.Diaper Dude Black Deluxe Bag

The best twin diaper bag for dads
The Diaper Dude Black Deluxe Bag was designed for fathers, mothers seem to love it too. It is an extra large bag that is great when you have more than one baby/kid in diapers and need to take have all the baby stuff easily accessible.

The large adjustable pockets and the ease of reaching the outside pockets make this a very practical bag while the design makes it a bag dads won’t be embarrassed carrying about.


A diaper bag that dad won’t shy away from!
For the new dads who want something that doesn’t scream Babies R Us
Durable nylon and lots of handy features for on-the-go parents
Two exterior bottle holders, interior mesh pocket with removable dividers
Also includes a changing pad and dad’s checklist printed on the inside flap!

5.Skip Hop Versa Diaper Bag

Though not made precisely for more than one child, the Skip Hop Versa Diaper Bag is large enough for twins or a baby and toddler. But it will probably only work if you do not have to carry bottle feeding paraphernalia, such as if you are breastfeeding.

The Skip Hop Versa is a very lightweight bag, yet built well, so it isn’t too heavy even when fully loaded. One of the good large designer diaper bags around.


Expandable center makes bag 20% larger
Hangs neatly on a stroller and can be worn over the shoulder
Non-skid stroller straps fits on any stroller; Cushioned changing pad; Soft, lightweight material; water-resistant lining
Two roomy, insulated bottle pockets and handy front zip phone pocket; Eleven pockets, secure zip-top closure
BPA-Free, PVC-Free, Phthalate-Free

Obersee Rio Diaper Bag Backpack

What is the Best Large Diaper Bag?

While everything these days seems to be getting smaller and smaller, especially when it comes to baby gear items, one large product is still in high demand.  A diaper bag is a staple product for any family with a baby.  This bag will be more like a lifeline for you and your child because it is a one stop shop for your entire baby’s traveling needs.

While there are some smaller and more streamlined options available out there for you, a good rule of thumb to remember is that there is no such thing as too much space.  Because you will be toting around everything from diapers to a fresh change of clothes, finding a bag that suits all of your storage needs is very important.

This is especially true for families who like to travel often.  There are few things worse when out on a long journey than leaving something essential behind.  By purchasing the best large diaper bag you are insuring that you not only have enough space for everything, but that you stay wellorganized as well.

Having the best large diaper will have you sorted in situations where you could have gotten stuck. Whether you need an emergency diaper change or a weekend out, you will definitely be sorted out. It will be able to carry extra clothes, toys and snacks. Since it is large enough, it will accommodate all those stuff you really want to carry on the go. Some even have sections which you will be able to carry your iPod, cell phone and wallet and this will help you to stay organized.

Graco Tangerine Smart Organizer System Duffle Diaper Bag

Graco Tangerine Smart Organizer System Duffle Diaper Bag
Graco Tangerine Smart Organizer System Duffle Diaper Bag

This extra large duffel bag is absolutely perfect for all of your traveling needs because not only does it come with a whole lot of space, it works to keep you perfectly organized as well.  That’s what makes the Graco Tangerine Smart Organizer System Duffle Diaper Bag the best large diaper bag.

The style of this bag is more of a traditions tote style bag because of the two shoulder straps.  While it stays true to a duffle tote design, it is convertible with the addition of an adjustable strap which allows you to wear the bag cross body like a messenger bag.

When it comes to organization and storage, the Graco Duffle Diaper Bag cannot be beat!  It features one extra large center pocket, which is perfect for bulky items, and it surrounded by smaller more secure pockets.  These smaller pockets are perfectly sized to hold toiletries, pacifiers and toys.

You will love the addition of a baby wipe window that allows you to quickly grab baby wipes directly from the side of the bag without any fuss.  The Graco Smart Organizer System Duffle Diaper Bag also comes with a brightly colored changing pad which is perfect for on the go diaper changes.

Parents who use this bag love the addition of an extra large back sleeve pocket which can perfectly hold smaller laptops or tablets.  This helps to make this diaper bag the only travel bag you will ever need for your little one. More at

The Ju Ju Be Legacy Collection

The Ju Ju Be Legacy Collection
The Ju Ju Be Legacy Collection

This is one of the best large diaper bag which works well for those who desire hands free functional capabilities of a dedicated backpack. It boasts of well  well placed and  padded straps and it has a nicely padded back, which has an exterior mesh for added fresh air entering into the bag. Its hardware and fabrics are of high quality, thus you will automatically get the value for your money.

It is a backpack that is one of  the best large diaper bags in the market. It has a small handle which is at the top to grab and go but it is mostly slung on the back. Any feature of the bag has a use, thus making it a well planned bag which is well executed.

This is a diaper bag that is designed for parents who want  to carry their gear in a certain way. The nice backpack is just what you should go for. It is the extra cost to invest in a quality bag and this one delivers.

Graco Diaper Bag, Priscilla

Graco Diaper Bag, Priscilla
Graco Diaper Bag, Priscilla

This bag will keep you organized due to its stylish nature. It is one of the best small diaper bags that has a zippered opening to the large main storage area where parents can store toys and diapers. It has several pockets inside and exterior ones for quick access to small essentials such as snacks and wipes.

Coming with a changing pad making it such a great diaper bag. The double top handle makes carrying easy and comfortable and the color makes toting it quite stylish. With the nylon construction, cleaning this bag is so easy to just use a wet cloth. If you want to go out with baby in an organized way, then this is the best bag to buy.

Petunia Pickle Bottom Boxy Backpack

Petunia Pickle Bottom Boxy Backpack
Petunia Pickle Bottom Boxy Backpack

The Skip Hop Pronto diaper changing kit is just what you need, when you need it. There is a pocket in the front for keys, phone, or whatever that zips. You can clip the bag to your stroller or carry it with the wrist strap. The diaper pad can be used with the bag or zips off for ease of use or cleaning. I’m also a huge fan of translucent wipes cases so you never run out of wipes.

Ju-Ju-Be Be Right Back

Ju-Ju-Be Be Right Back
Ju-Ju-Be Be Right Back

This is a backpack diaper bag. It’s made of great fabric that is soft on the skin yet durable. It’s a little bit pricer than your average bag, but it’s high-quality so you won’t have to worry about it breaking or tearing.

Obersee Rio Diaper Bag Backpack

Obersee Rio Diaper Bag Backpack
Obersee Rio Diaper Bag Backpack

This roomy backpack keeps Rio Bag you organized while you’re on the go. It has plenty of pockets and space for all your necessities. It has a large and roomy main compartment and 4 pockets; one is large enough to hold a laptop! There are also 2 side pockets for sippy cups or bottles. The back of the backpack also has comfortable padding and the straps have breathable mesh padding that makes it easy to wear while you’re out and about. A changing mat is also included!

When purchasing the best large diaper bag, keep your partner in mind as some might prefer to evenly distribute baby weight by going for a backpack, while another might prefer a messenger style bag. If you and your partner are not in agreement, then the best is to go for two different bags for each partner.